Cosmic Dash
Cosmic Dash deals with a massive galaxy called the Silver Spiral that is being explored by many different alien races and three principal factions. Cosmic Dash is created by David Davis, who is constantly being followed by a wormhole leading to the actual Silver Spiral (except on Thursdays).

Outsider is a long-form dramatic story about a solitary human being involved in a war between alien races, created by Jim Francis. Jim also has an extensive online gallery featuring original art and tutorials, and is well known for having traveled back in time to become his own Great-Great-Grandfather, although he doesn’t like to talk about it.

Zap! is a collaborative effort that was created and written by Chris Layfield and Pascalle Lepas with Pascalle providing the illustrations. If the writing and drawing situation was ever reversed, the universe would come to an immediate end.

Zortic parodies popular science fiction, except when it doesn’t, and is set mostly aboard the starship EntirePrize, but sometimes not. Zortic is created by Mark Mekkes, who also mediates The Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards, and has been known to wrestle bears and alligators, often both at once, while also drawing his other comic, Saucer Seekers.

Jump Leads
Jump Leads is a long-form dimension-jumping sci-fi comedy. The Creator and Head Writer for the small team of friends who provide the multiverse with Jump Leads is Ben Paddon. Saying his name backwards three times has been known to cause the very fabric of reality to tear asunder, allowing a horrific army of demonic entities to pass from their Hellish dimension to ours.

Melonpool follows the daily adventures of Mayberry Melonpool — an alien without a clue, stumbling through life as he explores the galaxy. Melonpool is created by Steve Troop, who denies that he himself is one of the many puppets he has designed.

Station V3
Station V3 is a daily sci-fi comedy webcomic about the goings on aboard a space station, created by Tom Truszkowski. He is terrified of falling down stairs, as his entire body is made of a very fine porcelain which, upon impact following a long drop, would shatter into a thousand irreparable pieces.

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  1. Steve Troop says:

    I was wondering if you were looking for any new members? I think I know all of you guys in one way or another — and I think I fall into the “sci-fi webcomic” category pretty well.

    Let me know!

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